Learning Services

Core Instruction Areas 

Reading Skills
We use a structured, multi-sensory, phonics-based program, which builds both decoding and encoding skills. The student will develop and apply strategies and skills to comprehend text that is read, heard, and viewed. Students learn to self-monitor their comprehension by using strategies of predicting, retelling, summarizing, reflecting and answering questions.

Reading Comprehension Development
We teach students to develop critical reading skills by emphasizing the different subskills of reading comprehension: working within words, following directions, using the content, locating the answer, getting the facts, getting the main idea, drawing conclusions, detecting the sequence and identifying inferences. We use specific multi-sensory reading strategies, such as making predictions, retelling, webbing, and paraphrasing, in addition to specific textbook reading strategies.

Vocabulary Development
Students have fun learning vocabulary through vocabulary cartoons, using a multi-sensory approach to learning vocabulary. A combination of rhyming and visual mnemonic makes it twice as easy to remember a new word.

Written Language Skills
Students learn to brainstorm using different types of graphic organizers, including webbing, listing, outlining and computer-enhanced techniques to learn the structure and organization of writing.

We use a multi-sensory approach to build a solid foundation in math skills including algebra and geometry. We also teach strategies for basic and complex word problems.


Reading Fluency
Reading fluency is designed for students who wish to increase their reading rate. It is also designed to improve comprehension and help develop different reading rates for different material. Students become more efficient in their study time, often doubling or tripling their present reading speed.

Standardized Testing
Test strategies are proven to help students perform better on standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, ERB, ISEE and HSPT.

Other Skills 

  • Study strategies
  • Outlining skills
  • Test taking strategies
  • Organization
  • Spelling
  • Note-taking
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